Android users are 71% more likely to have never left their country, iphone users are 50% more likely to have been to over 5 countries. In 2015, the android and ios operating systems overwhelmingly commanded the world’s smartphone market with a combined 97.5 percent market share.

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That said, android users on the whole skew younger than the total u.s.


Iphone users vs android users percentage. This nielsen chart backs them up: The android vs ios market share in the us is dominated by ios. Even though the topic of iphone users vs android users have been covered by pretty much every tech blog out there, smartphone buyers and enthusiasts love to read comparisons about iphone vs android to know how far each platform has progressed over the years and which operating.

Almost every age group prefers android devices over the iphone. Iphone vs android is one of the longest yet most frequently asked questions by most smartphone buyers and users. During q2 2014, 43% of u.s.

Mobile market, indicating that they still have a very attractive profile on this dimension. This compared to just six years ago when the two operating systems accounted for less than 20 percent of the smartphones sold in the market. Since apple only allows iphone users to download ios applications from their app store, all the apps you download for your iphone are guaranteed to be safe.

The ios vs android market share. On the android side, 90 percent of users have windows desktops or laptops, and only 10 percent have macs. And even though android has far more downloads than ios, iphone users spend.

New mexico (41%), iowa and delaware have the lowest share of iphone sales per capita. Just 7.7% of galaxy s9 users switched over to an iphone and 92.3% remained on the android operating system. According to the software security giant norton, studies have found that a higher percentage of malware tends to prey upon android phones than ios.

Android users have a higher tendency to be followers, iphone users consider themselves leaders. Approximately 55% android and 44% ios here's a good link for that. The results below are not close to being exact, but they give an indication that more android users defect each year vs.

The majority of iphone users (53%) like their brand of phone best and don’t want to change (interestingly this is exactly the same percentage as samsung users below!) 79% of iphone users are happy with their brand of phone, see no reason to switch to a different brand or prefer to stick with what they know (answers 2,4 & 5 combined) When looking at the amount of apple vs android users, people may just look at their own circle of friends and make an assumption. The number of android smartphone users in the united states increased to 120.5 million in 2018, and this figure is forecast to reach more than 130 million in 2021.

When it comes to brand loyalty, android wins android smartphone and tablet owners tend to be slightly more loyal to their brand than do apple ios device users. As android users like to point out, their platform dominates the mobile os market. Speaking of demographics, most of the android users were between 18 to 24 years of age while 29% of the iphone users are more likely to be over 35 years.

86% loyalty during 2017 (therefore 14%. Smartphone owners who own a device by these. The median iphone app user earns $85,000 per year, which is 40% more than the median android phone user with an annual income of $61,000.

Alaska (66%), montana and vermont have the largest percentage of iphone users. Their sustained growth in the united states is not reflected in all markets, market share of ios smartphone. Iphone users are generally happier, more extroverted, more adventurous, and make more money than android users, according to new research.

As i mentioned earlier, there seems to be a gap between the purchase power of an average iphone user compared to an android user. Android, we take a look at the respective strengths of each mobile platform, so you can pick the right one for you the next time you buy a smartphone. A study of 1,000 iphone owners and 1,000 android owners fo…

According to comscore, smartphones make up almost 77% of the mobile market in the united states with more than 190 million people owning a smartphone. Android users are 12% more likely to have pets, iphone users are 15% more likely to have traveled in the last 6 months. Iphone users represent the richer spectrum.

Iphone buyers are more loyal than their android counterparts. Apple’s share of smartphone users has risen around 20 percent since early 2012. Iphone vs android market share infogram the sales are pretty consistent across the whole year, except for a slight closing of the gap in november when iphone sales crept up to 24.44% and android.

Worldwide median average iphone ownership stands at 14%. Research shows that iphone users use the apps they download more than android users. In comparison, 26% of people trading in their iphone x moving onto another brand.

Increased app usage alone makes the average ios user more likely to use more data than the average android user.

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Iphone Users Vs Android Users Percentage

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