A cell phone taser can fool anyone into thinking it’s a real phone, offering an inconspicuous yet powerful way to ward off an attacker. The pepper spray is 10 percent oleoresin capsicum, derived from.

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The outer taser phone case is constructed of a premium polymer molded plastic for exact size replication of popular iphone models.


Iphone case taser and pepper spray. Defense divas® offers a huge selection of self defense stun guns for women in tons of fun colors and styles. Five led lights indicate your current battery level and notify you when your phone is charging. Smartguard helps ensure sabre red pepper spray will always be with you.

The fake iphone replica outer case is furnished with the most current internal advanced stun technology available and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The case housings, with matching canisters, come in white, black, turquoise and pink, and it doubles as a handy stand. Log in or create an account.

The case features a high voltage stun gun, activated by two triggers. Products for home, travel, auto and office security and self protection. He believed that because people always have their smartphones close at hand, combining a personal safety device and a phone sleeve was a perfect self defense solution.

Smartguard offers an iphone case with tubes of pepper spray, while tiger security specialists offer a fake iphone that doubles as a stun gun, though it's not clear why someone would want to carry around a second phone. Iphone slr mount, iphone pocket projector, even an iphone bottle opener case.but this is something we never thought we´d see, a pepper spray iphone case!the spraytect case features a detachable pepper spray cartridge. The polymer case offers reduced weight with.

The smartguard iphone 4/4s case comes with a slim red pepper spray dispenser which can be detached for use in case of an emergency. Another weapon/iphone case hybrid, the spraytect pepper spray iphone case has a little slot on the side to insert a can of. Cell phone stun gun pepper spray keychain self defense weapons kit.

Cell phone stun gun pepper spray keychain self defense weapons kit. More information on the case. We have featured many original and crazy iphone accessories:

By erin donaghue september 12, 2013 / 9:14 am / cbs news Free shipping on orders over $50 The idea of a stun gun case for an iphone called the yellow jacket after the predatory wasp came after the inventor was robbed at gun point in his own home.

I tased myself with an iphone case. A durable hard plastic case protects your iphone from damage and the stun/battery pack is detachable so you can carry just the iphone case when needed. We are currently prototyping the plus yellow jacket.

#4 yellow jacket taser case. Stun guns, tactical flashlights, pepper sprays, stun batons, diversion safes and more. The back, which houses the pepper spray and features cutouts for all ports, and the front, which is a thin frame that snaps into place and secures the phone to the.

Security superstore has the best stun gun models that include the guard dog istun2 fake phone stun gun and yellow jacket iphone 6/6s stun gun & battery case. #5 pepper spray iphone case. The case consists of two parts:

Open voltage range 12,000,000+ volts / 75+ lumen bright flashlight. But while the yellow jacket. Iphone case with a stun gun that charges your phone battery.

Weight of both sizes is approximately 0. 247 security's volt case, which will be released in the u.s. Disguised taser to look like a fake smart phone.

The $39.95 spraytech case holds a small canister of pepper spray. Unique tasers designs on hard and soft cases and covers for iphone 12, se, 11, iphone xs, iphone x, iphone 8, & more. The yellow jacket consists of an inner protective case & and an outer case that is easily removed, making it simple to adapt to every environment.

Mobile phone cases double as stun guns, pepper spray dispensers in controversial safety trend, report says. Don't leave home without your taser. Type above to start your search.

The yellow jacket iphone case is a phone case with a taser at the end of it. Available in black, pink and white, smartguard offers two sizes to cover both iphone 3 and 4 users. Tear gas pepper spray keychain:

Yellow jacket's case allows you to turn your phone into a stun gun, while spraytect's case sports a detachable pepper spray cartridge. Strongest pepper spray tear gas police grade formulation self defense spray. Snap, tough, & flex cases created by independent artists.

This july for $150, packs a powerful punch:

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Iphone Case Taser And Pepper Spray

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