Take a moment to use your handy flashlight to see if there are any junk left inside your charging port. At this point, we can't be certain what's causing the problem or if your iphone 8 plus is not charging because of a software or hard problem.

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Your iphone 7 plus's charging process involves four components:


Iphone 8 plus charging port not working. I tried cleaning the old charging port out but that didnt work so i replaced it with an old one from an old iphone 5s, since you cant individually replace the charging port i replaced the whole assembly, audio jack, microphone, and. Most of the time your charging port is the culprit as to why your iphone is not charging. The one thing which gets seriously affect by this increases working power of smartphones is its battery life.

If the charging port is damaged, your device probably needs service. Why is my iphone 8/8 plus/x wireless charging not working? If a new, good brand replacement still gives you a problem, change the charging port (easy & not expensive if you do it yourself).

Try a different iphone cable to see if it is your charging cable is broken. Find out the factors of the iphone 6s plus not charging. The software, charging port on the iphone 7 plus, charging cable, and charger.

Although rare, even from reputable sellers you might wind up with a defective model. See if some enterprising manufacturer in china will come up with a after marked rubber bung that blocks the charging port when not in use. Iphone 8 or later and iphone se (2nd generation):

If your iphone 6 is not charging then as mentioned above, the problem is mostly with your charging port. So if like me, your iphone is not taking a charge there are a few things to do before you chuck the thing out the window (or worse, pay for a visit or replacement part with apple support.) for most of us, charging problems result from a blockage in the lighting port. Let your device charge for a half hour (if your device is unresponsive afterward, learn what to do).

That will polish off the corrosion. If wireless charging is not working on your iphone, try taking of its case before placing it on the charging pad. Once you’re done brushing all the dirt out, try charging your iphone again.

Iphone 6 charging port not working. How to fix wireless charger not working on the iphone 8/x/11/12? Try using another pair of headphones either in the iphone 6s headphone jack and the charging port to see if either of those work.

First, make sure that you can charge your phone with the normal usb adapter that came with your iphone to rule out general charging issues. Dropping your iphone into water. The solution(s) for iphone not charging.

Your iphone is as good as dead unless it has a functional charging port. The four main parts of the charging process are your iphone's software, your iphone's lightning port, the lightning cable, and your iphone's charger. Plug and unplug the lightning cable repeatedly from 5 to 10 times.

You cannot turn it on because of the iphone lack of battery. This method may be a temporary fix the problem, but does help fix the charging issue on the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. The iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus are capable of fast charging, but taking advantage of that isn’t as easy as it should be.

You will be recommended to use the original iphone usb cable and charger because a faulty charger for your iphone will be overheated. Press and quickly release the volume down button. That’s because apple did not include the necessary accessories to be.

Sometimes, there is a relationship between the device that won’t turn on and the battery condition. Reset apple iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus If the charging cable or charging plug is broken, or you can’t have your iphone se/6s plus/6s/6 plus/6/5s/5/4s/4 charged.

The charging port at the bottom of your iphone is damaged or has something blocking the connection. Read the detailed guide here. Iphone 8 plus learn about charging with the magsafe charger and magsafe duo charger.

Preferably do not use the phone when you are charging it. If your charging cable, usb adapter, and power source are in good condition, you need to check the charging port on the bottom of the device. It’s possible that the the headphones you purchased could be defective, which might be why it’s not working.

If one of these fails, your iphone 8 plus won't charge. Try using an electrical contact cleaner.it removes corrosion, dirt, and oil from the contacts. Iphone 6 charging port can experience charging issues due to the blockage of anything in charging port hindering the connection or damaged charging port, water getting in contact with the port or broken.

Press and quickly release the volume up button. Finally, if all else fails, it’s time to put on your best macgyver impression and get technical. Insert the cleaned cable plug into the lightning port and.

Most of the time, the debris, lint, or dust particles depositing in the charging port on your iphone will insulate the current and make your iphone won’t charge when plugged in. Take all the time you need. Your first course of action when the iphone doesn’t charge wirelessly is to restart the device.

Iphone 8 plus is in the market now and is powerful than all the old models released so far. Check the condition of the device immediately to ensure that your iphone, not damages. But it’s important to note that when cleaning the usb port, be careful not to damage anything and clean it out gently.

As the years go by, however, your iphone’s charging port can get clogged with gunk, dirt, or fragments of metal and plastic. If you complete the above steps correctly and minutes later the device has still not started charging, the following are just some of the solutions you can try. Sometimes the reason that the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus not charging when plugged in is because the software needs a reboot.

Spray onto the cable plug.; If you want to buy a great case that you can keep on your iphone while you charge it wirelessly, check out our selection in the payette forward storefront on amazon ! Reset apple iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus.

Next, follow the three tips below to make sure everything is setup correctly: Grab your soft brush and then gently brush out your iphone’s charging port. The majority of the time, this is the main issue when the iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus is not charging properly.

The reason i took the old charging port off was because it wasnt charging the phone, the home button still works on the current charging port i have in the phone. Today all the research and development of smartphone manufacturers concentrate on a more powerful device.

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Iphone 8 Plus Charging Port Not Working

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