The shape of the housing and soft aluminum material allows the phone to bend very easily which then bends the logic board inside. The iphone occasionally appear touch failure or jump randomly before dropping, it can return to normal after press switch.

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Iphone 6 plus touch ic jumper. The most common symptoms of this fault are: Posted by admin on april 17, 2018 in apple phone, iphone, iphone 6, iphone 6 plus. The screen is blurry when the.

The point of the black touch m1 pin is at the top of the plate layer, and it is easy to break the wire to cause the iphone 6 plus cpu signal to not be delivered, so we need to use the jumper wire. Iphone charger iphone 5s apple iphone iphone 6 backlight iphone 7 price iphone 6 models cell phones for seniors diy screen printing electronic schematics. This repair service is for you if you have:

The reason touch disease happens is because of poor connection of touch controller and the board. This fault is caused by flexion of the logic board which breaks connections under the touch ic. The “searching no service” would be caused by a broken trace under the “baseband cpu” this is a lot more difficult to repair.

Iphone 6 plus touch ic repair. When repair touch ic, the iphone 6 plus fell to the ground, the bottom right corner of the touch screen glass is broken, and the front camera turned black, but the iphone still can be used.a few days ago, when turn it on; Iphone 6 plus touch ic repair is the most popular!

Iphone 6 plus touch ic disease with m1 jumper. The phone no longer has the gray flicker, but the touch does not work with any screen i have tried. This one is just being a pain!

The frustrating part for iphone 6/6+ owners is that apple did not immediately take ownership of this problem. There are some cracks on the corners of touch ics u2402 and u2401, proving they have been replaced. I have replaced touch ic with m1 jumper it’s working fine but just on top left side touch not working i tried 2 ic but still same and line coming on lcd can see in image what could be problem ?

The most common issue seen on the iphone 6 plus and sometimes the iphone 6 is touch disease. $299 usd / iphone 6+: Grey bars at the top of the screen.

Try another screen and if that doesn't help, then it's the touch ic. Iphone 6 plus touch screen not working problem solution jumpers check all these parts that are given in above diagram. Once we receive your device we will professionally repair the touch ic that causes touch disease, we will remove the chip and run a jumper underneath it then reinstall the ic.

Also touch working it’s self dioad mode test sowing good, have. Iphone 6 & 6 plus touch disease ic chip repair service with m1 jumper. So replace iphone 6 chareger and try with origional charger if possible.

All of those issues are signs that the iphone touch ic (integrated circuit) has failed or is failing. Considering the touch ic has been replaced, the last repairman directly took the black touch off without welding jumper wire on touch m1 pin(6p can still boot normally without installing black and white touch), but the current is same as before, measuring the starting voltage we find the iphone 6 plus nand 1.8v and i2c bus 0.6 v, so we doubt it is the iphone power ic problem. The terrible design of the iphone 6 / 6 plus models are at fault.

Iphone 6 plus touch ic disease with m1 jumper. Iphone 6 plus touch ic disease repair with m1 jumper. Not understanding anyone have any ideas?

This site was designed with the Here is the solution for iphone 6 charging problem. Iphone 6 plus touch disease.

The no touch would be a broken trace under the touch ic “meson” this is fixed by lifting meson, running a short jumper wire and replacing meson. I have an iphone 6+ with the touch disease and have already replaced meson and cumulus and did the m1 jumper as i have done many many times. When you plug in charging jack and it do not shows any indication it meanes the charger or the charging jack is faulty.

@2016 by fixingthingz4u iphone and ipad microsoldering. Iphone 6 plus touch ic disease with m1 jumper. This service included repair of meson touch ic on the logic board.

It will need to be removed and a small jumper applied to repair a lifted pad. Iphone 6 charging problem solution jumper ways iphone 6 charging jumpers. When ever our voice can not reach to destination mobile phone or we can not record our own voice in voice recorder of cell phone it means it mic not working.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته موضوعنا اليوم هو تجربة جربها الكثيرون من فنيي الصيانة وهي تغيير آيسي التاتش لجهاز iphone 6 plus m1 وتعويض النقطة الع. The 6 plus is notorious for having touch issues due to the phone being easily bent. Previous video iphone 6 baseband repair no service.

Well, if you find a problem like this does not need to be confused because we has. We have received a defective iphone 6 plus motherboard from our customer, the customer claimed it has no backlight, trough our test, we found the motherboard also has touch dead zone problem, in real repair, the mobile phone often has more than one problem, in this article, we will demonstrate how to repair iphone 6 plus touch dead zone and half black backlight, hope you enjoy this multiple. I have repaired iphone screens before and with this phone i did not however disconnect the battery before changing the screen.

These symptoms are typical of an iphone 6 plus. Flickering grey bar at the top;

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Iphone 6 Plus Touch Ic Jumper

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