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When your iphone restarts unexpectedly, it may create inconvenient even disastrous results. Many people have experienced battery or charging issues on their iphone.

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I've got the real answer!

Iphone 6 keeps restarting and not charging. Just keeps rebooting over and over all day! it's really annoying if iphone constantly restarting every few minutes. I have tried software fixes, resetting everything. I just got my iphone like two months ago.

If this does not help, take a look these apple support articles: I've had a new battery installed. As a final step, try the recovery mode.

These are the steps as how to hard reset your iphone. Apple store replaced it with a new one, and it happened again. I have a small number of apps on there and have plenty of memory left so that is not the problem.

After fighting with my iphone 5s for the better part of 6 months, i've got the answer to why my iphone always reboots overnight while charging, and happens several times during the day, if it's plugged in. If your iphone keeps restarting while charging, make sure the lightning port is clean. Iphone 6 plus keeps restarting after battery drain.

Tips to resolve iphone 6 not charging properly problem. The pocket lint, dirt, and debris may have piled up over time and maybe preventing the smartphone from charging. When it is charging, everything works like normal, and it stops boot looping if it currently is.

A little contact spray helped me solve the problem and the phone works now perfectly. The phone keeps restarting every few minutes, if it goes to 1% it'll jump back to 2 after it restarts. My iphone 6 keeps restarting every few minutes on its own with background turned pink.

Especially for the older version such as iphone 6(s) or 7 and the new models like iphone 11 and 12. Update your iphone’s software (ios) like windows on a pc or os x on a mac, ios is your iphone’s operating system. Now it's completely stuck at 2%.

A lot of people have witnessed the power of an abrupt restart. My iphone 6 was dead so i plugged it in to my computer to charge. Clean mobile charging port with cotton and electronics cleaner.

It is not strictly related to a specific model. If iphone doesn't restart over and over, change another cable or charger to try again. I thought that the battery is damaged, but the problem was that the contact from battery was a bit oxidezed.

Check your mobile charger on other mobile. Force shutdown your iphone 6 or 6 plus by pressing power button and home button for 15 to 20 seconds. Your iphone 6 is not charging and you don't know what to do.

Inspect the charging port and head phone jack on your iphone. Not only will you encounter this problem on older devices like the iphone 5/6/7/8/s, even the latest iphone x/xs/xr. My iphone 6 restarts randomly and starts boot looping.

Connect iphone with original charger for 3 to 5 hours. Ios updates always contain lots of fixes for software bugs and other. Or you can test it by charging your iphone with another compatible charging cable or usb adapter.

Sometimes the iphone never turns on how hard you try. According to experienced iphone users, restarting can solve a lot of problems in the device. Iphone keeps restarting while charging.

This issue can occur no matter the iphone or ipad model you have. For iphone 6 and older models. When the battery is damaged or wears out, iphone keeps restarting when charging, especially using iphone 6, 5s or earlier.

If your iphone keeps restarting when charging or connecting, the first thing is to clear lightning port on your device because the lint, dust or other debris collected in the ports would cause bad electrical connection and the charging problem. If your iphone 6 not charging, then you can try these steps. Once you’re backed up, you’ll be ready to get started fixing the problem if your iphone keeps restarting or if your iphone keeps turning on and off.

Iphone 6 plus keeps restarting and won't charge; Just connect the iphone via an original cable to the power source. Sometimes it immediately restarts when unplugged, sometimes it takes opening an app, opening the control center or just doing something in any app.

If iphone is restarting only while charging, the problem is most likely due to broken or faulty charging cable or due to lint or debris being stuck in the charging port. You will be astounded to note that the phone may start to work properly. I recently was talking with facetime with my iphone 6 plus charging (the battery was very low).

Due to any number of reasons, such as battery problems, software issues, bad apps, you may experience this problem. So, clean the lint and gunk stuck in the charging port and then try to charge the device. So, let's take a look as how to manage the iphone 6/6s/6 plus not charging problems when everything seems normal, but the device doesn't buzz to charge.

Check the charging cable and adapter carefully to confirm whether there is breakage or bent prongs or not. My iphone 6 keeps restarting itself. Even though it’s a quite new series, many users have been complaining their iphone 6 keeps restarting and shutting off randomly.

Before going ahead with the steps to fix the restarting problem on your iphone, it is recommended that you download a backup of your iphone to mac or pc. I've tried plugging the cord into a different port in the computer and that doesn't seem to do. If restarting your iphone fails to fix this issue, you need to consider if there is something wrong with the charging cable or usb adapter.

Iphone keeps restarting while not charging. If required, clean the charging port and headphone jack using a. Thus, please check if your battery can work properly.

Now it keeps doing the same thing: The screen goes 'blue' or 'red' or freezes and then it switches off and on again. If you happen to have any power left on the device, and you are trying to troubleshoot a slow charging issue, attempt to do a soft reset on your iphone.

Now it keeps restarting itself without fully turning back on. Last week i took my iphone to apple store, they said they can't tell what was wrong and replaced it with a new one. This issue has annoyed a number of users as they are unable to find out the reasons why it is happening.

I've tried unplugging it, but it is still is saying it needs to be plugged in. It doesn't seem to be holding any charge. This article explains how you can fix an ipad or iphone that keeps restarting or crashing.

I have a spare one that i decided to use but i woke up this morning and it was at the same percentage, 6%. Fix iphone restarts randomly or keeps restarting after. How to fix iphone 6 charging problem.

A soft reset restarts your phone and does not erase any of your content or data. Solutions for iphone/ipad keeps restarting randomly issue. This is a serious problem.

Charging issues are fairly common when dealing with older iphones, but we're here to help you fix the problem. First of all, try restarting your phone. Last night, i dropped my phone (protected by a case) but my charger broke.

I unplugged it for a few seconds so i could connect it to my mac, but it shutted down.

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Iphone 6 Keeps Restarting And Not Charging

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