When the iphone x keeps flashing apple logo, it prevents the system from booting normally. For iphone 8 or newer:

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Force restart iphone x to fix iphone x flashing apple logo.


Iphone 10 just keeps flashing apple logo. So, my ipad 2 had a battery drain and when i tried connecting it to the charger, the apple logo kept flashing and then turning off again. Wait for over 15 minutes for the update progress. When the iphone or ipad is plugged in, the apple logo appears for about 3 seconds, then disappears (blank screen) for about 2 seconds and this process (the apple logo keeps flashing) repeats itself indefinitely.

If your iphone 7 apple logo is flashing on and off upon startup, waiting for the problem to resolve itself won’t solve anything. This is why this problem can sometimes occur soon after an ios 14 update. The problem of your iphone xr gets stuck on apple logo (and a progress bar) could appear while upgrading to a new version of ios, when putting the phone into the charger, or after restore from itunes.

Sometimes it would be solved just with a hard restart but some iphone users have reported their device still stuck on the flashing logo even restored via itunes. On your iphone, press and hold the home and power buttons together. Many other technical glitches like crashes, ios stuck issues, etc can also be easily solved by this software.

When your iphone gets stuck in apple logo, recovery mode, or black/white screen, imyfone fixppo comes as a savior to fix these issues. 100% work to fix iphone keeps restarting apple logo. So it may be your charger or something that goes wrong during the charging process causing iphone blinking apple logo.

Fix iphone keeps showing apple logo without losing data It is just on an apple logo loop. In almost all the cases, you're experiencing a software related issue.

Be it your iphone flashing apple logo on and off, or any other ios issues this tool can repair your device with 3 modes. The situation can be really frustrating when you can't use your iphone at all. How to fix iphone x flashing apple logo.

Hold the volume down and power buttons. If your iphone 6/7/8/x/11 flashing apple logo when charging, check your iphone charger and the lightning cable. For an iphone 7 or 7 plus:

Iphone keeps flashing apple logo occurs primarily when the device is plugged in and charging. Continue holding the side button and volume down buttons, even after the apple logo appears. Keep holding the buttons (even you see apple logo shows up on your screen) until you see the interface of recovery mode.

Continue holding the power and home buttons, even when you see the apple logo appear. Iphone 7 with a flashing apple logo fix. Apple logo just keeps flashing on and off every few seconds.

But while your charger or something that goes wrong during the charging process could certainly cause the issue, there are several other more common reasons why the apple logo is blinking on your iphone screen. Iphone x max stuck on apple logo? And you just need to contact apple support or bring it to the genius bar to inspect and diagnose.

One end of the cable connected to your computer's usb port. Keep following this article, i am not sharing only one, but a few ways to get out of iphone stuck on apple logo or boot loop. Force reboot is the easiest way to fix various iphone stuck issues including iphone stuck on apple logo after ios update/battery replacement/water damage.

It solves a lot of smartphone problems. But after 5 mins i saw that the phone was restarting in apple logo and did not go past the logo. Disconnect the usb cable from the iphone, ipad, or ipod touch and leave.

Keep holding the buttons until you get connected to the itunes screen. Iphone stuck on apple logo with spinning wheel (black screen), fix. The apple logo should appear.

(apple logo comes for 5 secs and then a blank screen for 5 secs and so on). Are you having this problem too? If your iphone is stuck on the apple logo if you have ios 13 and tried to restore your iphone from a backup or tried to migrate your iphone from a previous device, you might see the apple logo and progress bar on your screen for more than one hour.

If you are experiencing this rather annoying problem on your iphone or ipad, we have listed some ways to try and fix the problem here: As one of the most professional ios system recovery tools, this program could fix more than 130 system issues and no data loss with the standard repair. If you want an advanced method with a 100% success rate of fixing, you can use the highly recommended software imyfone fixppo (ios 14/13 supported) to fix the issue that iphone keeps restarting apple logo.

The flashing apple logo can be caused by corrupt software update files. For an iphone 6s or earlier: Press and hold the power button (on/off), until you see slide to power off screen.

Iphone 7 and 7 plus. If your iphone is flashing on apple logo loop and rebooting endlessly while plugging into a power source, for example, you. Iphone 7, ios 11.4.1 posted on jul 20, 2018 10:21 pm.

Drag the slider to power off iphone. Connect your iphone to a mac. Continue holding the volume up button, until.

Click on update option at the prompt. Press and hold the power button, until it starts with apple logo > release the power button as soon as you see the apple logo and immediately hold down the volume up button. It solves a lot of smartphone problems.

Here i am going to show you multiple ways to get out of this situation — one for those iphone devices which have a home button and one for those which don’t. So, today, we'll explore why this problem arises and what we can do to solve it. After a quick search, i saw that it did that after not powering down properly before the battery drain and that i should try the recovery mode with a computer and itunes.

Fix iphone stuck on apple logo via anyfix. Iphone keeps flashing logo issue is quite common after iphone updates to the newest ios system. The blank screen stays up for just a couple of seconds and then the apple logo appears again flashing incessantly, but never actually starting up the device.

Wait until the apple logo appears. Before trying other methods, you can try hard reboot your iphone x firstly. Hi had took my iphone x to beach last sunday and due to sudden wave, my iphone x under by tracks got wet, but i took the phone in less than 10 secs and saw that it was working.

Press and hold the sleep/wake button for a. Then repeat step 2 & 3 when the update finishes. Why is iphone stuck on the apple logo.

The problem is, your iphone keeps you showing the apple logo, which looks like it’s trying to boot up. Fix iphone flashing apple logo on and off without data loss. Continue holding the side button, even after you see the apple logo.

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Iphone 10 Just Keeps Flashing Apple Logo

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