Match that to the list below to find out which iphone model you own. Apple describes every model name and number on its support pages , but here's a summary that's much easier to.

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To access it, turn off your phone, remove the back cover, then remove the battery.


Identify iphone model without turning on. Identifiable by the model numbers a1549, a1586, and a1589. If you flip your iphone over and look at the back you will see a model number located near the bottom of the phone. Check your phone's settings the easiest way to check your phone's model name and number is to use the phone itself.

Go to “general”, tap on “about” and choose “legal” further down the screen. Using the model number from settings, you can find out which iphone model you have. If you cannot read the text on the back of the iphone, launch the ios settings app and navigate to general > about > model (or model number).

Check iphone storage by imei code using imei checker. Once you find your imei, you can look it up with an imei check tool like imei info. If there is no model number but you see an esn or imei, you can copy it and contact motorola directly to find out which model phone it corresponds to.

Now you will be able to see the iphone capacity in gb. Is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Released on september 19, 2014, this 4.7 screen iphone is the smaller version of the iphone 6 plus.

It has no battery, and when i use the charger cord, it won't turn on. The iphone se uses the same colour scheme as the iphone 6 product line, but has the same design elements of the iphone 5s. If you just want the model number, you can get it quickly.

Here you will find and identify your iphone model. Apple makes no representations regarding. Read on to find out what to do.

An iphone 5c, for instance, may carry an 'a' number of “model a1532.” with the iphone x and iphone 8, apple decided to stop stamping the 'a' number on the back. After that, tap on “regulatory”. I recently bought an older model macbook pro from a surplus sale at my school.

Any iphone using ios 12.2 or later can see the model name under general > about > model name. Older motorola phones have removable batteries, and some list the model number on a label located under the battery. Connect your device to the computer and open itunes.

Identifying your iphone model is simple. Or look in the settings and have the phone tell you exactly what model it is. How do i identify my macbook pro without turning it on?

Turns out that apple makes changes to model numbers without actually changing the brand identification. For example, there are three different iphone 6s models, though only two models of iphone 7. If you want to sell your used iphone, consult the link leading towards the price of each device at the end of each.

Learn how to identify your iphone model by its model number and other details. For devices running ios 10.2.1 or older, we’ll cover how to tell what kind of iphone you have based on the model numbers assigned to each iphone generation. Most iphone models look identical, which can make it difficult for you to determine the model of your own iphone.

It’s printed on the sim card tray of all other iphone models, including the iphone 3 and 4 series as well as the iphone 6s through iphone 11 pro max. If you have one of the newer iphone models, you can find the model number no longer on the back, but in the “settings”. Find out how to identify your iphone model by its model number and other details.

Recent models let you check in settings. For earlier models, you can check the model number on the back of your phone. Match the model number to the device and generation from the list below:

Tap once on model to reveal the model number. You’ll find the imei printed on the back of the original iphone and the iphone 5, 5s, 5c, se, 6 and 6 plus. Alternatively, you can check your devices storage size by going to settings>general>iphone storage.

Apple makes no representations regarding. Toshiba th58g6d1dtg80 being a 8gb ic. Click on the summary tab.

Is provided without recommendation or endorsement. But behind the marketing names, each iphone configuration has its own model number. Note that the prices for used iphones on the secondhand market vary constantly and are based on their generation, storage capacity, condition of the device and other factors.

To find the model number of your iphone in ios. This will then take you to a page which shows your storage used from how much storage your device has (for example my phone says 16.1gb used of 32gb). The other advantage to determining iphone by model number is that you will be able to know what the device is even if the phone is turned off, meaning if the device is broken, won’t turn on, is bricked by some software issue, or has a dead battery, you’ll still be able to know what you’re working with.

Go to the settings or options menu, scroll to the bottom of the list, and check 'about phone', The memory chip is on the underside of the logic board and is most likely a a search of that number and it should tell you which memory capacity your phone has. You will find the model number of your iphone directly at the top.

Here's a short guide to working out what model your phone is. Tap on model to switch from the part number to the actual model number. The problem with getting the number of the case, is that the case may have been changed.

To find out how many gb your iphone or ipad is using the itunes method, follow the steps below: If you were trying to identify your iphone’s model, you’d need to find the model number and look it up. The storage size on iphone can be checked by imei code.

If you’ve updated to ios 10.3 or later on an iphone 5 or later, figuring out. You can identify your iphone model by examining the model number on the back of the phone, or by connecting your iphone to itunes. Your best bet to identify between a 5s and se is to turn the iphone on or.

You probably have a general idea of which iphone you have—iphone 7, se, 5s, x, and so on.

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Identify Iphone Model Without Turning On

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