Then you will see get verification code and click it. After you enter apple id verification code you will be asked to enter the iphone passcode.

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When you try to log in to your apple id on a newly purchased iphone, the message of “go to one of your other devices signed in to icloud to approve this iphone” will pop out on your new iphone.also, you will encounter the same message when you try to log in to


How to approve an iphone using another device. The easiest way to approve your iphone is by using a verification code you receive by apple. Now, in the “icloud” option, enter the id as well as the password. Get the verification code firstly, go to your mac or another ios device ( ipad /iphone) where your icloud account is logged in.

Now head to settings, icloud option, and type the apple id and password. You can see all the devices you've ever used by going to the above website, and remove them if you don't own/use them anymore. Go to settings > icloud > enter apple id and password.

As it prompts, enter your icloud id and password. You can also remove a trusted device. Go back to the iphone with approve this iphone screen and check if the problem has been resolved.

Similar to mac, follow the steps mentioned below to approve iphone from another device. Seek access to another ipad, iphone or mac device which operates using the same account of icloud. By using the verification code.

Get apple id verification code from another iphone, and enter the. How to approve iphone from another ios device if you are trying to use an existing icloud account on a new ios device, you will need to know how to approve iphone first. Click cancel to get out of the process of waiting for approval.

If you are wondering how to approve your iphone from another device, simply go to that device and you will find your verification code then type it on your iphone to enable its access to icloud. How to approve iphone/ipad on icloud from another device. How do i approve my iphone from another device on icloud.

At first, hit the cancel button to get rid of the waiting for the approval process. Just open your iphone which is signed in to icloud and it will tell you there is another device on that icloud and it will ask you to allow it or not. The other option for approving your iphone device is through a verification code.

My iphone 5s died and i have a new iphone 8 plus on ios 11.4.1. In settings, i have a notification to update apple id settings. Approve ios device from another device on icloud.

Using some simple steps, you can successfully approve your old iphone. Use this code on your newer iphone to approve it without any further complications. Upvoted, relevant to problem 1.

Go to settings > your name (apple id) > password & security. Below that, you can get another text like this, “go to one of your other devices signed in to icloud to approve this iphone.” sometimes, however, you just wait for the approval, which never seems to over. On another ios device, go to settings and tap password & security;

In case you have multiple apple devices you can follow the underneath steps to approve the iphone into another device. When trying to access your icloud account from a new iphone, you will be asked to approve it from another device that is using this account. Go to settings and choose icloud.

Open settings on your older iphone and tap on apple id option. Back to your problem iphone, the approve the phone screen disappered. How to approve ios devices on icloud has similarities with approving mac in many ways, and there is just one point you need to understand.

Type in the six figures. The authentication problem starts with the message on the screen. Now select the get verification code option and your iphone will generate a 6 digit code for use.

Click setting on ios device > choose icloud > enter icloud id and password. Once you try to log in the new device, the following is what you should be doing: Enter the apple id verification code and you have successfully approved mac on icloud.

Approve iphone from another device. In keychain options panel (on mac) or advanced keychain screen (on ios), you'll see an option to allow approving with security code. Getting the verification code from another ios device will help you fix approve this.

Apple id verification code comes up from other iphone, so enter the 6 digit figures. Open settings of your iphone and choose icloud. You might get a text like this, “approve this iphone” on your screen.

It is one of the easiest ways to solve the issue “approve this iphone’. In the case that you cannot find the approve with security code option on iphone, you can go to another device that uses icloud keychain. This is another method by which you can resolve this issue.

How to approve iphone from another device is different from the previous step as here you will be using two iphone devices to make the icloud approve iphone. Open one of your trusted devices. If you aren’t sure of devices that are sharing your icloud, you can view them or manage them from the apple id website.

If you have more than 2 apple devices, the method is highly suitable for you. Approve iphone from another device. It usually happens after buying a new iphone, ipad or mac when the icloud asking us to complete verification process, so we can continue to use that device with our credentials with no further restrictions.

This can be a device that has previously been approved. The device list shows the devices that you're currently signed in to with your apple id. If you have another iphone, you can.

This will finish approving the device to icloud. Enter your icloud id and password. Select a device to view the model, serial number, and other useful information, including whether or not the device is trusted and can be used to receive apple id verification codes.

How to approve iphone from pc / mac through verification code. I think the message to approve a login from another device only appears if there is a device associated with your appleid. Click allow and it will give you the apple id verification code.

You will get the apple id verification code from another iphone. From your iphone device, go to its “settings” and click on the option called “icloud”. Approve ios device from another device on icloud

How to approve iphone from another icloud device? Follow these steps in order to approve your iphone using your mac or other ios devices when your iphone is demanding for an approval: In this easy guide we will try to answer your question “how do i approve my iphone from another device”

You can also approve your iphone by using your older iphone device:

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How To Approve An Iphone Using Another Device

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