For iphone 5/5c/5s/se/6/6s/7/7 plus/8/x/xr/xs/xs max, you can find it in the sim card tray slot. Finding out if your iphone has water damage is simple, just look for your water damage indicator.

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Are you guys able to fix this kind of issues?


Damaged iphone x charging port. Try charging your iphone with multiple cables and multiple chargers before coming to this conclusion. If your iphone was damaged and you have applecare+, the coverage includes accidental damage protection. It should be detected automatically.

Depending on your model, it will be in a different place: I don't know what my chances. I put in a new charger and it moves around in the charging port.

For the iphone 4 and 4s, it is in the charging port for the iphone 5, 5c, iphone 5s, & se, it is in the sim card tray slot for the iphone 6, iphone 6s, 6s plus it is in the sim card How to fix iphone 6 not charging problem; If your phones charging port is loose or it’s not charging at all, then probably your charging port is damaged.

A lot of blockage like dust, hair, and other particles found in the usb port can also hamstring the charging ability of your iphone x. Insert the cleaned cable plug into the lightning port and. Professional service of iphone xs max charging port replacement.

When considering if a diy charging port repair is the right step to take, you may want to ask yourself a. As the years go by, however, your iphone’s charging port can get clogged with gunk, dirt, or fragments of metal and plastic. Clean the charging port and then try to plug in the charger.

The problem could be as simple as the outlet, the iphone charger, or the lightning cable connected to the power block, which may have little to do with your iphone’s port at all. If you stick a toothpick (or paperclip or thumbtack) into this port, you could damage those pins. In fact, i recently experienced this issue myself after a long weekend trip to vegas with my girlfriends, my iphone, and a lot of all nighters.

When there is water in the charging port, the insertion of the mobile phone will definitely lead to corrosion or short circuit. If you have another charger or cable available at the office, in the car, or spares laying around the house, give them a try or; Thanks for the reply, the iphone x is barely a week old so barely new, this is the 3rd time i m charging the iphone.

Once the pins are damaged, the only option is to replace the port. Try to connect a usb dock that is compatible with your iphone to the charging port at the bottom of your iphone. Plug and unplug the lightning cable repeatedly from 5 to 10 times.

Recently my iphone x has been goin on and off on charging, and over the past week, it hasn’t been charging very well. This case is very tough to remove but i guess that will let me know if its the case or the iphone. If water gets into your iphone’s lightning port (the charging port), it can cause corrosion and prevent your iphone from being able to charge at all.

However, if the lci is red and your iphone isn’t charging, liquid damage is likely the cause. Iphone xs max charging port replacement guarantees you: It may seem that this is a very critical chore, but if you have the right tools and bit of patience, then this is a kind of fix that you can do all by yourself.

Finally, if all else fails, it’s time to put on your best macgyver impression and get technical. If your iphone 5s charging cable falls out of the charging port or your iphone won’t charge it may be broken and needs to be repaired. Or what are my options, thanks!

Here’s what you can do if you fear you have a broken iphone charging port: If this is the case, you can clean your usb port by putting a small needle or paperclip and flail it around the usb charging port and get everything fresh and clean. On iphone 4/4s, the indicator locates in the charging port.

Also, if your iphone doesn’t charge anymore, it may be that one of the pins are broken and needs to be repaired, this is a common issue with damaged charging ports. Your iphone is as good as dead unless it has a functional charging port. After the phone filled in the water, it was working fine but later on i found out that it did not accept charging anymore and i could not turn it on again.

Iphone’s water damage indicator is a little white label. If your iphone is moisture enough to damage the device, the label will turn to red. Most of the time your charging port is the culprit as to why your iphone is not charging.

But, if you're at the point where your iphone isn't even charging properly anymore, it's probably pretty mucked up, and you're going to have to spend some time and elbow grease cleaning it out. Perhaps a friend will have a charger. Each incident has a service fee.

One of the most common reason for iphone not charging is that your charging port is filled with dirt, debris or some small obstacles. My iphone x got water damaged by failing in water. That will polish off the corrosion.

If water damage has caused your iphone's headphone jack to malfunction, you may need to use an alternative audio output device instead of traditional headphones. Wondering if i would be able to bring it into apple for them to replace it for no charge. Spray onto the cable plug.;

My phone screen is water damaged The part offered is absolutely brand new, not second hand or refurbished. Try using an electrical contact removes corrosion, dirt, and oil from the contacts.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your iphone charging port is not further damaged, and that the charging port is completely dry before you plug it in. That’s because the charging port contains sets of pins, and those pins are fragile. This is the most common source of the issue of charging woes on your iphone x.

This is a popular method to clean an iphone charging port but should only be used as a last resort. The charging port at the bottom of your iphone is damaged or has something blocking the connection. Hence it requires an iphone charging port repair.

The first time was without the case & the 2nd,3rd time with the element formula case. Iphone xs max charging port repair complies with ec and cee directives to make sure you receive the best possible part and labour; If you are one of the unlucky ifolks who experience problems charging your iphone, ipad, or other idevice using your lightning cable, you are not alone.

Hopefully, the iphone will start charging if this was the case.

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Damaged Iphone X Charging Port

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