(however, caviar’s product page also features size options. Now the company has launched its latest iphone 11 pro and pro max modification, called cyberphone that brings the distinctive angular lines of the tesla cybertruck to apple’s smartphones.

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The iphone princess plus is worth $176,400 while the somewhat more pedestrian “brilliants only” version sold for $66,150.


Caviar iphone 11 universe diamond price. Premium design and expensive materials: Caviar представляет коллекцию новейших apple iphone 11 pro | pro max. When making an order or coordinating the design, please clarify with the manager how one or another type of the materials used in the design may influence the device's functions.

There are a few different custom versions of iphone 11. How much will the caviar iphone series cost? This luxury brand is offering a $49,990 iphone 11 with a piece of the moon embedded.

Caviar iphone 11 pro gold caviar iphone 11 pro price caviar iphone 11 pro steve jobs caviar iphone 11 pro superior jobs 256 caviar iphone 11 steve jobs caviar iphone 11 universe diamond caviar iphone steve jobs iphone 11 pro caviar edition आईफोन 11 iphone diamond prototype iphone 11 variant iphone 11 universe diamond caviar iphone 11 caviar tech news tech news in hindi tech latest news tech headlines. A prototype of the new iphone 11 space collection is presented in russia by caviar.

This particular iphone 11 model, caviar iphone 11 universe diamond, will cost. Among them as relatively “inexpensive” models cost from 289 000 rubles, and the apparatus with the finish of the universe diamond with a price of 2 999 000 rubles. This model carries a retail price of $ 4.530 usd.

The exclusive series includes five models of iphone 11. The price of this phone comes from actual state of the art technology instead of a bunch of shiny rocks—but that doesn’t mean it lacks visual appeal. Caviar does not disclose technical specifications of iphone 11.

₦307,000 naira in nigeria) for the 256gb model. Called the “iphone 11 universe diamond”, this $48,780 smartphone features diamonds, rubies, a cognac diamond, a real spaceship fragment, moon particle, and even a meteorite section. Iphone 11 universe diamond smartphone.

Web title russian company caviar offers iphone 11 variants prized at 49,900 dollar (news in hindi from navbharat times, til network) और जानें: $79,150 at a price that rivals some luxury cars , this iphone 11 pro takes the gaudy up to, well, eleven. Gold, real leather, titanium, meteorites, diamonds.

Is the diamond edition a bit too pricey? Luxury collection of custom iphone 11 pro | pro max customized by caviar. Buy online with free worldwide delivery

Naravno, u asortimanu caviar brenda nalaze se i pristupačnije opcije, čija cijena kreće od 4.400 dolara. The iphone 11 universe diamond will retail for an astonishing us$ 49,530. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.

Jedna od tih opcija je iphone 11 explorer, koji ima kućište od kamena i titanijuma, dizajnirano tako da nas podsjeća na satelit. ₦253,000) for the 64gb model, $749 (approx. Universe diamond model će biti predstavljen kao unikat, sa cijenom od nevjerovatnih 49.990 dolara.

1 caviar royal gift universe 2 diamond gold: The flagship model is called ‘universe diamond’. Then there is also a universe.

Caviar is famous for making premium customized iphones which cost a boatload of money compared to the actual models. Fragment of mars, moon, meteorite. One such option is the iphone 11 explorer version that has a carved stone and titanium case that’s designed to look like a satellite.

Last month, caviar released another iphone 11 limited edition concept, this was the first model from the space series. The series will launch on 10 september 2019, and the diamond edition will come with a. It is decorated with a piece of the moon and a part of spaceship.

Частицы метеорита, марса, луны, космических кораблей, золото, бриллианты. Caviar introduced a prototype of the new iphone 11. Out of the five new luxury iphones, the most expensive is the universe diamond edition that has been listed at a starting price of $49,990 (approximately rs 35,83,00) for the 64gb variant and goes up to $50,670.

Caviar представляет коллекцию уникальных iphone 11 pro из редких уникальных материалов: “the caviar meteorite will be a customised version of the upcoming iphone 11, with actual meteorite pieces, real pieces of the moon, and precious stones”. ₦271,000) for the 128gb model, and $849 (approx.

Apple iphone 11 has a starting price of $699 (approx. Además del iphone 11 pro discovery solarius, caviar también anunció otro modelo conocido como universe diamond, que es otro iphone 11 pro con seis diamantes, tres rubíes, un diamante cognac, dos topacios suizos azules, un trozo de piedra lunar, un fragmento de meteorito y un trozo de nave espacial en la cubierta trasera. Только через несколько недель apple представит новый смартфон iphone 11.

(click to buy iphone 11). Encased in 18 karat gold, the phone is set with 12 different diamonds and gemstones, a piece of meteorite, a piece of moon rock, and piece of a rocket ship, all arranged to resemble the planets. Caviar can potentially allow its rich customer to customize the iphone.

We are still a couple of weeks away from apple’s event where the brand new iphone 11 is expected to be launched. These are limited edition devices and only 99 copies were made. This phone is not for everybody’s budget though, the universe diamond model comes at a starting price of $ 48.780 usd.

Лучшие материалы и узнаваемый дизайн.

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Caviar Iphone 11 Universe Diamond Price

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