You can approve the mac in the same way you approved the iphone. It says to go to another device which is logged into icloud to grant approval, but how do i do that exactly?

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That seems to erase passwords, health, home and other protected data. i don't think i want to do that.


Approve this iphone waiting for approval. Just follow these steps and you’ll learn the. Approve this iphone go to one of your devices signed in to icloud to approve this iphone. Go to apple menu > system preferences > apple id.

I've got two ipads, another iphone (5s) and a macbook pro, but i cannot find any option to approve my 6s from these devices. If you are on mac and trying to approve your mac using your iphone or ipad, you can read from here. Waiting for approval (spinning wheel)

Hit on cancel to clear the interface of waiting for an iphone approval. You might get a text like this, “approve this iphone” on your screen. Enter the iphone passcode, your iphone gets the approval.

Below that, you can get another text like this, “go to one of your other devices signed in to icloud to approve this iphone.” sometimes, however, you just wait for the approval, which never seems to over. Follow these steps to disable it on ios 10.2 and below: How to approve iphone from windows computer to do things like access imessage and a few other things, my phone keeps asking me to 'approve iphone from other icloud connected device', i thought this meant i could sign into my computer and do it from there but there appears to be no way to do it.

To be frank with you, joyoshare ultfix is expressly conducted to repair a lager number of system issues on iphone/ipod/ipad and even apple tvs. If you own an apple device such as an iphone or ipad, sometimes, a notification might appear on screen asking you to approve icloud from another device or enter your icloud passcode. How to approve mac using iphone or ipad.

I push it, then enter my passcode to iphone and see this: As things go now, your iphone system failures stand a good chance of causing the matter that iphone stuck on waiting for approval, in which using a credible program is an easy way out. Waiting for approval, when i open other device to sign in icloud to approve this iphone, but there is no any option to do.

As a matter of fact, when we buy a new iphone or ipad, we sign in our icloud, and we will also run into this question. By these steps mentioned above, you have one answer on how do i approve my iphone from another device. To do so, apple just wants to makes sure our data safe.

While this is a relevant authentication process, it could be a bit troublesome to go through such a lengthy process especially when there is no option after the “waiting for approval. Approve this iphone go to one of your devices signed in to icloud to approve this iphone. It ask for my password.

However, i can't get the waiting for approval on the phone to go away. It just waits for approval. The authentication problem starts with the message on the screen.

Below approve this iphone, there will be another message showing go to one of your other devices signed in to icloud to approve this iphone. Click cancel to close the interface of waiting for approval iphone. Approve ios device from another device on icloud

This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. So this is how you can approve iphone from another device on icloud. If you found this article useful then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Click ‘allow’ to find apple id verification. How to approve iphone from pc / mac through verification code. I can sign in via a browser just fine and get the 6 digit code that i have to type into the browser.

After the update i was asked to sign into icloud and my phone (6s) is now waiting for approval. I can read many feedback about this problem, but it seems there is no absolut solution to fix it. How do i approve my iphone from another device if the issue is with your computer or a laptop you should try using restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files.

If you have mac, you can approve iphone from mac: It only shows an option to remove it. I would however recommend to use anytrans as it simply eases the approval process and the best part is that it does not ask you to sign in on another icloud.

This security technique, although ensuring a high level of security, can prove to be a little irksome at times. At times the approval seems to take a very long time. Using some simple steps, you can successfully approve your old iphone.

The same approval feature is also present in mac by apple for the security of icloud data. It then goes to approve this iphone, go to one of your other devices signed in to icloud to appove this iphone. Before following the steps make sure that you have signed in with your apple id.

After upgrading her iphone, “i am constantly getting an ‘approval request sent’ popup.” the message tells her that if she wants to keep using icloud, she. Then phone is waiting for approval from another device the problem is my ipad and imacs are also doing the same thing and none are receiving a message to approve my other devices. Waiting for approval (spinning wheel) this is a very common scenario when we are asked for the approving devices on icloud.

My iphone says waiting for approval. i can click cancel or can't approve this iphone? the latter gives me the option: Enter the apple id verification and mac on icloud is successfully approved. Now enter the iphone code, you will successfully manage to get the iphone approval.

If you can't approve this iphone from another device, reset your protected data to finish setting up icloud. How to check if your iphone is real or fake 2. As an iphone user, you may have come across a problem that tells you to approve the iphone by using a different device that is logged into the cloud account.

The other option for approving your iphone device is through a verification code. In case, you have mac, you can approve iphone from mac using underneath bullet points. Clicking on can't approve this iphone indicated the i will reset a bunch of encrypted data.

Make sure that your mac has already sighed in to apple id which you will be loged into iphone with the following steps. Once turned off, your iphone will stop displaying the approve this iphone message. Mary gascho has a persistent pest.

It is one of the easiest ways to solve the issue “approve this iphone’. On the approve this iphone screen, click cancel Without doing anything, your iphone will be automatically and immediately approved.

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Approve This Iphone Waiting For Approval

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